Wellbeing coaching for Lawyers



I’m Dr Leila, and together with Amanda Mead I would love to show you how to step out of survival mode, and start to really thrive at work and at home.


You will:


Stop worrying and undervaluing yourself,


Stop putting yourself last, and


Find your confidence, courage and self belief so that life becomes rich, joyful and wholehearted.


We’re all about supporting your genius and resourcefulness so that you can manage a high stress workplace and a family, while also looking after you, the most important link in the chain.


You’re not a machine.

You’re not weak and you’re not wrong for feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and irritable.


Seeking support might feel vulnerable, but you will discover it’s the most courageous step you can take.


If you want to improve your effectiveness at work and at home, build self confidence and create warm, fulfilling relationships, this course is for you.


In six weeks we will take you from exhausted to expansive, from irritable to joyful, and from overwhelmed to spacious.



Using my signature three step process, you will:


  1. Reconnect with yourself
  2. Build awareness of your patterns
  3. Make better choices.


Next course starts in April 2021 – We are now taking early bird bookings – to express your interest contact amanda on amanda@lawfirmsolutions.com.au