About Us

Amanda has a history working in the legal profession and has also been a Principal and Owner of an award winning and profitable law firm, that was within 4 years of being admitted as a lawyer!



Amanda has set up Law Firm Solutions so you have a place to go when you need help/support.  Amanda and her team of professionals not only take you from where you are now to where you want to go, she offers you a new perspective to help you stay one step ahead of your competitors!



“I want lawyers to achieve success within their law firm, I also want to help support lawyers within their law firm so they can exponentially increase their profits and gain better balance by sharing what I know”.


Amanda states: The key differences of investing a reliable mentor, who has been there, is that you will become focused and be guided each step of the way, so that you know what to do next, feel supported and avoid burnout!


Amanda is also passionate about helping student and graduates achieve success, by providing them with the legal career pathway blueprint, and guiding them to land a job within the legal industry quicker.  Not only does Amanda show students and graduates the way, Amanda and her team of professionals also provides students/graduates with important tools and guidance.