Lawyer’s Mastermind Group And Retreats

Who should join a Mastermind Group?



Ask yourself the following questions and then read on and take some positive action:



A) Have you operated a legal practice in NSW and/or QLD for over 12 months?



B) Do you bring in over $100k in revenue?



C) Do you feel stuck and need guidance to scale your business and/or maximise profits?



“If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will be suited to a Mastermind group.  Within a Mastermind group you will be able to bounce ideas off other leading professionals including a top accountant in order to grow your business and maximise your profits…”



At Law Firm Solutions we know how important it is to surround yourself with the RIGHT legal and accounting/business professionals, that’s why we created our very own mastermind group called:





Lawyer’s Inner Circle




If you are ready to grow your business, and would like to know more, your next step is to request our Lawyer’s Inner Circle Mastermind group information booklet, email Amanda today:


















Law Firm Solutions is currently in the process of arranging 2 retreats for 2020.


These retreats are a great way to kick back and recharge your batteries!


Please keep an eye on this page for updates or email amanda@lawfirmsolutions.com.au to request information about the retreats once this becomes available.