Student & Graduate (FREE) Online Masterclass

Law Firm Solutions understands how daunting it is in your final years of study when the realisation hits home that it won’t be long before you have to find a PLT placement and then a job. We also know exactly what a potential employer is looking for in a potential candidate, for a job.


With that in mind we want to help you through this process and offer a FREE Student & Graduate online Masterclass to help you set solid foundations, become the best version of yourself and standout.


The Student & Graduate (FREE) Online Masterclass has been carefully designed so that you can gain clarity, improve your confidence and learn important skills to help you overcome stressful times i.e when you attend for an interview.


These skills will also come in handy at times when you attend court once you land yourself a job.


What you will learn?


Within the (FREE) Online Masterclass you will:


set strong foundations


set a clear pathway, for your legal career, and…


learn important tools and skills to help you deal with stressful situations.




Legal Career Pathway Blueprint (FREE)



When you sign up for the Masterclass you will also receive the Legal Career Pathway (LCP) Blueprint for FREE.


The LCP blueprint is important, this will help you understand what options are available to you from the outset and help you stay on track.


After completing the Masterclass you will be able to take positive action, fast, with confidence and you will have the tools to help you succeed.


Also, with your new skills and a laser beam focus you can exponentially increase your chances of landing a job in the legal industry.


The owner of Law Firm Solutions, Amanda Mead has “insider knowledge,” with a history of working in the legal profession, and she wants to share this knowledge with you.



“students and graduates need a guide, someone who is an expert in the industry so they can overcome the confusion and overwhelm and know exactly what needs to be done to stand out from the rest.”



What else is included?


When you start the FREE Masterclass you will also be invited to join our exclusive student and graduate, Facebook community, where you will feel supported by like-minded people.  In this arena you will also be invited to take part in our in-house competitions to help you maintain momentum each step of the way.



“Imagine feeling confident rather than confused, knowing that you have expert guidance to get you from A to Z faster and exponentially increasing your chances of landing a job in the legal industry.”




Does this sound like something that could assist you?…If it does, read on and take positive action today



Expressions of Interest


We are currently taking expressions of interest for the FREE Student & Graduate online Masterclass…


*Please note: places are limited.


Closing date: expressions of interest before 30 October 2021



Book your expression of interest today and Amanda will be in contact with you within 48 hours to advise you if you are in!


Let’s do this 🙂


Email: amanda@lawfirmsolutions.com.au