Staff Solutions

Everyday we speak to lawyers who own small law firms and hear the same comments…



  • “I’m trying to juggle multiple tasks and simply can’t keep on top of it all,” or 


  • “I want to increase profits but I simply don’t have the time to promote the business,” or 


  • “I would love to go on holiday but I simply can’t leave the office to get a break”… 



Or even:


  • “If I don’t take a break soon I feel my health will start to suffer!” 



 If this sounds familiar, help is at hand… 


Law Firm Solutions provides quality temporary/permanent staff to small law firms.


So if you need:


 a lawyer or admin assistant

 a bookkeeper or

 a business/marketing consultant


 Give us a call…


Imagine feeling like you are on top of things, not constantly spinning your wheels and should you wish, able to get away for a while! 


Bali, here we come!:) lol 


Seriously though, whether you need a para legal, bookkeeper, business coach/marketing consultant or lawyer, give Law Firm Solutions a call today.


TEL: 0424 970 367